Samsung Overtakes Nokia!!!!

Samsung finally seems to have overcome its main rival in India - Nokia! Samsung, already the world's leading smartphone vendor, has now taken pole position in Smartphones in India

"Samsung's volume market share in November stood at nearly 38%, and value share at 35.2%, industry sources told TOI, quoting market research firm, GfK." - TOI, 4 days ago

Samsung, with its Android (And now Bada as well ) platform, seems to have knocked the wind out of Nokia for now. However, it remains to be seen how the latest initiatives launched by Nokia in Smartphones shape. For there is only one thing that is certain in the telecom trade: uncertainty!!!!

From a marketing perspective, Samsung decidedly has the initiative... with its strategy of placing the Samsung Brand as an Umbrella Brand, and having various sub-brands in the Samsung Portfolio - Galaxy, Wave (with Hero, Guru, Metro, Champ in its other ranges). This has ensured that its brand image does not get diluted and stretched over too many segments, and does not acquire too many associations that will stretch it. Further, it has a product range that covers all segments, as well as a very strong association with technology and innovation in addition to quality. So this development is not a surprise, especially since it is already the leader globally. 

It now remains to be seen what the mid- to long- term impact of Nokia's latest moves is going to be. Nokia is not sleeping - latest developments have proven that. Nokia is still one of the strongest brands in India, and cannot be discounted. It has recently taken a re-look at its portfolio, is looking at the windows platform and Linux platform for its OS, and is trying its level best to be back. And with the mobile market being what it is, nothing can be taken for granted... one thing is sure. This is a battle that is going to be worth tracking!


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