Govt ironing out lokayukta kinks from lokpal bill

Govt ironing out lokayukta kinks from lokpal bill - Hindustan Times:

1) Why couldn't they have done this sooner???? What a waste of taxpayers time and money.
2) No mention of CBI's independence yet again. Is this Lokpal of any use? Team Anna should explain to the nation how an independent Lokpal will be an asset, and will be able to become a scam-free and independent body that will take the anti-corruption agenda forward. The real pressure on the politician classes will build only when the people of India understand the nuances of CBI's working, and the ramifications of its continued dependence upon the government. And Team Anna - Team IAC if you will - is in a unique position to do so. The need of the hour is education of the masses on this critical agenda.
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