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I didnt say this for Sachin, nor for Rahul... great though they were, and far better cricketers... 
But for you, MSD, A short post. A vote of thanks from my side for leading our India through thick and thin...
You, Sir, Captained Our India, and that to me personally is the most important. You were the leader! The man who represented us all in cricket, the king.. for several years... 
You were there to take the brickbats when we lost. You were there to share the spoils with the team when we won. You took the failures on the chin, and yet shepherded Team India in Cricket for several years... through the highs and the lows... through victory and defeat... in the manner of a king, a true leader... you took us to Number 1; and when the fall came... you were there equally unperturbed... in the true manner of a king! One of the finest Captains India has had! 
And that is why you deserve this... 
Thank you from a fellow Indian... 
Thanks a lot, Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni... Ex-Captain Of India!  

NaMo, The International Prime Minister

Our Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, has seen a remarkable rise in his overall popularity and perception as a leader on the international stage. This has been done by partly some aggressive and bold diplomacy, firm positions and tough negotiations at various stages and with various players on the international stage. This has been further supported by his extensive touring abroad, so much so that I recently read one article asking when is NaMo in India, or words to that effect. 
Let us not forget a simple reality : we are a developing country with limited financial resources of our own. The fulfilment of the need can be either internal through home grown capital or external through FDI-FII etc.  And that is where the positive international perception of our leader is so vital. However, international perception of a leader, and of a nation is not entirely based on diplomacy; rather, in some ways, achievements in diplomacy are in reality based on a few internal factors.

International Per…

Book Review : Scent Of A Game

Scent Of A Game By Raghav Chandra

The Author can be found on Raghav Chandra : His Website Biography : He is an IAS Officer, and the pertinent aspect of his career is summarised below. 

Music : A Question Of, And A Case For, Marathi Music

Music : A Case For Spreading Marathi Music
I am not a music expert, or practitioner; far from it. I am a regular, casual fan of Music; this post is not a post of an analysis of the two languages' musical traditions. Furthermore, as a confirmed former member of the Macaulay's Children Family, I am a fairly new convert to Marathi Music. But basis what I have seen, and heard {!}, I am stunned, and more than a little sorry that I ignored my mother tongue for so very long. 
It is perhaps because of my newness that I have noted the things I have; principally, the total lack of exposure to Marathi Music in the mainstream Social Media, as also Marathi Films. There is an abundance of exposure to the latest as well as the oldies in Hindi Music and Cinema, while the vernacular rarely gets exposure, at least insofaras Marathi is concerned. 

People can and do share Hindi music, articles and updates related to Hindi Music and Cinema, performers, artists and stars; this same is muted in the ca…

Book Review : The Mouse Charmers

The Mouse Charmers : Digital Pioneers of India   by Anuradha Goyal