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This current train of thought has been triggered by India's seventh straight overseas loss - personally I am prepared for 8-0, and expecting 16-0 abroad - but it did bring my mind around to the terrible run India is having as a nation. For the past 2 years, we have been buffeted like never before! On a lighter note, one has to wonder how much longer is this pluperfect run of bad luck going to continue. (Lets hope the use of the the past-perfect grammer as in "pluperfect" can turn things around...)

Wondering what the hell I am talking about? Well, just go through the bullet points below! I hope this train of thoughts has just been triggered by India's cricket loss, and is a figment of my imagination, a hallucination if you will, brought about by a bout of depression! 

  1. It all started in 2008, with the stock market crash
  2. Cash for votes scam
  3. Satyam
  4. November 2008 - Mumbai. Need I say more on this? 
  5. Satyam continued in 2009
  6. Mining scam
  7. 2G Scam
  8. Adarsh Housing Society
  9. Commonwealth Games Scam
  10. Radia Tapes
  11. Lavasa
  12. IPL Scandal
  13. Black Money humdrum
  14. ISRO Spectrum Allocation
  15. Interest rates start rising
  16. Food inflation as well as general inflation on the rise
  17. Economic Indicators start falling
  18. Stock Markets range bound between 17000 - 18000 levels
  19. Stock Market Correction to 15000 - 16000 levels
  20. Telecom and Insurance Sector in deep waters
  21. Government and Parliament under extreme pressure due to team IAC
  22. Interest rates on the rise
  23. India's loss to England 4-0
  24. Government and Parliament continues under pressure due to Lokpal 
  25. Interest rates continue to rise
  26. India's Loss to Australia3-0 (maybe 4-0?)
  27. Indian Shooters fail to qualify for the Olympics
Makes for pretty damning reading in a standalone mode doesn't it? Especially when put together like this. It seems as though nothings going our way if we dont mention the positives... let me try a shot at the pluses

  1. Indian Economy escapes 2008 recession
  2. Indian Hockey Team wins Asian championship
  3. Moon probe
  4. India wins world 20-20 cup (ok, ok that was in 2007 - but it was September. Lets give the benefit of the doubt to the positive side, what say?)
  5. India wins one day international world cup
  6. Indian democracy demonstrates its vitality by the public participation in India Against Corruption
  7. Nuclear Deal
  8. Inflationary pressures show first signs on diminishing
  9. First list of black money hoarders abroad comes to light
  10. Central Bank gives signs of relaxing regime of interest rates
  11. Tata Nano
Not too bad, if I must say so myself! However, a couple of thought provoking points:

  • India has never had such a terrible bad run of cricket
  • I recall the past 15 years at least - and I do not recall any 2 years when so much has happened. A look of the list of scams will prove my point- a sudden increase in news bullets since 2008
Now I only hope that it was only ill-luck that was running us down, that every fundamental is in place, that everything except our luck is right, that once the stars turn for the better everything will be right again...

Hey, I can hope, cant I?
But wait... maybe everything is just perfect. If this bad run - scams, losses etc- had not occurred, perhaps IAC would not have happened, the Indian Citizen would not have become proactive. BCCI would not have come under scrutiny, the fundamental flaws and slow pace of reforms would not have been exposed...tough questions would not be asked, tough decisions- long pending decisions - would not have been taken, black money not exposed as in the first list that was exposed and so on and so forth

It is all in the viewpoint... may be all is indeed well

As Rancho would say,

Aal eeej wail.....


  1. I'm Suffering fro fatigue don't have energy to comment on Indian cricket


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