Another 4-0 in tests for us?

I dont normally blog or write on cricket... but the latest loss has stunned me. I had not expected such a turn of events. Even a person who doesn't actively follow the game on a day-to-day basis is disturbed by this

India loses its 6th tests in a row abroad... I dont remember it being this bad anytime in the past 20 years that I can recall. What has happened in the past year to change the scenario so completely?

  • Gary Kirsten Departs
  • Harbhajan Singh in trouble
  • Yuvraj in trouble
  • Zaheer sometime in, sometimes out
  • Ditto Ishant
  • Persistant injury problems
  • Gambhir not  in form
  • Ditto Laxman
Never seen so many problems simultaneously! The first thought that comes to mind is that is India falling ever since Gary left? I dont know, but am beginning to think so. Could also be that we are going through the most damnable bit of ill-luck, since Duncan Fletcher has won good praise as a coach - apart from his Australian record, which has been abysmal. Or is it an internal team issue? Are the players comfortable with him?

I am not a cricket expert, so cant say. All I know is that unless the problem is identified by BCCI fast, we are going to lose 4-0. In fact, I am expecting a 4-0 rout again...

We are talking about line and length, combatting swing etc etc. Hello, this team is essentially the same that took the pole position in cricket. No one at no. 1 can lose ground so fast only due to sporting reasons... something else has to be wrong.

Are we being unfair to Fletcher? Does the problem lie elsewhere? I can think of only 2 other reasons:

  • Team Balance - bhajjie, yuvie, injuries to key players
  • Too much cricket - IPL????
I wonder...


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