India Eradicates Polio!!!!

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State performs well in polio eradication - The Times of India:

The article that enlightened me

India has completed one full year without a single polio case... a tremendous achievement by India! Let us all rejoice in this great news! India was recording between 50000 and 150000 cases until as late as 1995 - and in 17 short years, this has been reduced to ZERO! Tremendous! We are used to calling the government names for non-performance, corruption et al, but this is once that our government has delivered - so let us give them their due. And it was a superb campaign- not a single avenue of contacting people was left untouched. Television, Magazines, Vernacular language newpapers, handouts, brochures, doctor's pamphlets, banners, hoardings, movie theater ads, direct people contact right till the last village, social workers, NGOs, doctors, nurses etc all were contacted regularly season after season, year after year. On the set dates you could not move one kilometer without encountering some form of reminder. Every single dispensary, doctor would sport reminders! A superb job well done...

Only one point - I learnt of this from the Washington Post Reader on Facebook. Where has the Indian Media been on this? It is high time the Indian Media examines itself and does some soul searching as regards its priorities - I had to look for the news on the regular newspapers and sites. I am a regular on a couple of news sites, and read the e-paper of a top national daily - but did not encounter this prominently anywhere. I had to google search for it! Correct me if I am wrong - but I have not seen this news on the Indian Media. This is a big enough achievement to warrant a headline, of that there can be no doubt. Why are we scared of applauding a job well done? Is the Media only there to criticise and sensationalise? Should they not have highlighted this achievement? But no, Silence! Are they so busy in their precious TRPs and circulation figures?

Anyway, let us not get negative, and applaud a tremendous achievement!

Well Done- Well Done indeed!


  1. This news was well covered by most major newspapers in Bangalore.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Bharat...

      Good that it was. That was why I said correct me if I am wrong. I do know that it was not noticeable in the papers in my state - at least not prominently. Thanks for the clarification


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