The Story Of A Shortcut Of False Documents

Once upon a sweet, sweet time there was a man with some money; he decided to open a bus service. This was achieved by the simple expedient of falsification of documents, submission of false address proofs of a residence he had never even visited. 

For registering the bus, he gave proof of a bank passbook (never mind which bank), and a driving licence. However, as per the landlord, this person never resided there. 

Having done this, he proceeded to hire staff. The bus began plying on the roads of a smallish central Indian town called Dilli. One fine day (or night, rather) the bus driver, cleaner and some decent friends, having had some somras (alchohol), decided to partake of some female fun. Fun for them, that is. The female afterwards left for the heavenly abode after being raped by these 6  - aaah - Gentlemen. 

It does not take a genius to figure out that had that bus been kept off the roads of Dilli, the girl would be alive. 

Now we get to the real interesting part: The Bank Passbook, Driving Licence and the Bus registration were based on false documents. A simple check, an adherence to common sense could have made a difference... money is bound to have changed hands in this, bribery is certain to have taken place. 11 buses is much too much for falsification - for that is the number of buses this guy operated on false documents. 

Bribery, shortcuts, forgetting the rules - all are visible above. And all got together on Dec 16th to bring about the murder of innocent Nirbhay... 

Oh, India... you make me so proud. Please, please, please, please go on paying bribes, ignoring rules, taking shortcuts...

After all, Nibhay wasnt related to us. Why should we care? We will certainly continue bribing people, we will decidedly break rules, we will not hold bureaucrats responsible. Mujhe kyaa? Meraa ghar sahi rahe. Who cares about the neighbour? 

Very Good, India. Keep it up. 

Nirbhay was also an Indian from among us. This time, it was her. Next time? (Oh, I forgot. It wont be you. Not the next time, or the time after that, or...)

It could be someone from among us. May not be rape; might be something different; 

But then, as I said, it wont be you. It will be someone else... so no tension. Aisi baatein tumhaare ghar par nahi hoti hain. It doesn't happen to you. So, continue paying bribes. It doesn't impact you at all. So right of you. Congratulations. 


  1. Very nicely written post...conveys the message succinctly.

    1. Thanks, Srikanth...

      Sorry about the delay in responding to your comment


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