India - A Celebration!

The success of the concept of India, once thought to be unstable and waiting to break-up into pieces and its vibrant democracy against all odds fill me with immense pride; it makes me think that it is an honour just to be born as an Indian - despite our many weaknesses. India - the nation that was not meant to be, in the eyes of the west; India - the nation that was supposed break-up as per Pakistan and many others; India - that collection of many nations, so said people... 

It is that same India that is today an example of many, many firsts and stupendous successes that defy logic. That we are the only colonised country to be a democracy,. that we are one of the very few colonised nation to be so non-violent and relatively successful is the icing on the cake. That we are the only third world nation to have every known medical treatment in India; missile technology; space technology and moon lander; IT and Services Prowess, Manufacturing abilities that span all known product categories,  Design Prowess as shown by several products we have designed for MNCs as well as our own top companies is the cherry on top. 

But the thing that makes most sense to me, the one aspect that scores above all else, the one aspect that elevates our nationhood to one of sheer joy, the one aspect that fills me with tremendous pride is how a geographical tract of land as large as ours can become one - with a new language every few hundred kilometers and a new dialect every 50 Kilometers; spanning 3 racial subgroups; all major world religions; several skin-tone colours; innumerable cultures and sub-cultures can unite into one political entity such that there can be no doubt of our continuity and stability.

In that, we are a shining beacon to the world, a unique case where cultural unity spanning millennia can be converted into a political union, an example of how a diverse people can get together - and stay together for centuries, and finally get together to make one political entity despite many, many problems, issues, hindrances and challenges... in that, we are truly unique  - a land where you can hold your own identity, customs and cultures without fear, a land where you can live free! As I said, that is what makes me feel honoured just to be born on this lovely land... 

Hai preet jahan ki reet sada, main geet wahan ke gaata hoon
Bharat ka rahne waala hoon, Bharat ki baat sunaata hoon

Kale gore ka bhed nahin, har dil se hamaara naata hai
kuchh aur na aata ho hamko, hamen pyaar nibhana aata hai
Jise maan chuki saari duniya, 
Ho Jise maan chuki saari duniya, main baat wahi dohraata hoon, 
Bharat ka rahne waala hoon, Bharat ki baat sunaata hoon

Jeete hon kisi ne desh to kya, hamne to dilon ko jeeta hai
Jahan Ram abhi tak hai nar me, Nari me abhi tak Seeta hai
Itne paawan ho log jahan, Itne paawan ho log jahan
main nit nit, main nit nit sheesh jhukaata hoon
Bharat ka rahne waala hoon, Bharat ki baat sunaata hoon

itni mamta nadiyon ko bhi, jahan mata kahke bulaate hain
Itna aadar insaan to kya, patthar bhi poojee jaate hain
Uss dharti pe maine janam liya, 
Ho Uss dharti pe maine janaaaam liya, Ye soch ke main itraata hoon
Bharat ka rahne waala hoon, Bharat ki baat sunaata hoon

Jai Hind!


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