BrahMos can't be intercepted in next 20 years: Pillai

The enclosed article showcases Indo-Russian strategic partnership - as well as clearly establishes Indian capabilities; capabilities which have no need of independent proof, given that we have placed a lander on the moon! It also underlines the mutual trust and confidence each party has in the other; something which is sorely missing from the India-US partnership.

The Brahmos project, or the 5G fighter project are defence projects that are state-of-the-art, participation in which enhances Indian prestige, develops & strengthens Indian skills and give its armed forces cutting edge technology - while leveraging skills in both countries for competitive advantage. Another important point to be noted is that both countries get the technology almost at the same time: it is not in the nature of a handout from a superiour nation to a developing nation.

This is precisely what the USA is loathe to do; and expects us to respond to their overtures! If the USA is serious about engaging India in a strategic dialogue - which I very seriously doubt - then they would do well to identify areas where complementary skills can be leveraged to mutual benefit. Otherwise its runs the very real risk of stagnation in what was once a promising relationship.

What is required is a mindset change in US politicians; they need to stop viewing India as less of a supermarket where they can offload their excess production, and more of a partner in business - which can bring to the table complementary skills that can be leveraged to mutual benefit. A business relationship is give-and-take; you bring goods to be market as per needs, sell them and move on to the next day; a partnership entails ensuring the other partner develops his or her own skill sets; between nations it implies prestige, equality and trust.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that has been placed on the table by the USA that even remotely implies trust, prestige, equality and development. Therein lies the problem: to them, the nation south of China is "India Supermarket, Inc. "...

And by the time USA wakes up to this reality....India - a deeply proud and independent India - will have charted its own course, away from the USA; signs of wich are already extant! And that is the sad part - that 2 democracies will move away from each other due to the myopic policies of one!


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