The Man in all his Manliness...

"Dharmesh told police that he was watching TV with Mahalakshmi when around 10.30pm, he got a call from his sister who told him about her plan to visit them on Monday for a few days. His wife objected to his sister's visit, leading to a heated exchange between the two. During the argument, Dharmesh slapped Mahalakshmi and she collapsed on the sofa. 

On seeing his wife unconscious, Dharmesh panicked and even tried to revive her through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He rushed her to St John's Hospital, but it was too late. Dharmesh's mother and couple's 4-year-old son were at home at that time. "

Do read through the comment thread on this article. It will be instructive.

I hope this is an isolated incident... while I have not seen any man slap his wife, the overall overbearing treatment is an issue... and it is all done as the - aah- Man is supposed to be the "Man of the house". It comes in many disguises but it is a problem in our society. Men will be men, after all... right Men on quora?

You may not like my words - but I call it like I see it!

To Women: I wish you would start walking out of any relationship where the - aah - "Man" (If you can call a brute a man) threatens to lift a hand. Please note: I did not say actually lifts a hand; I said leave even if your spouse even threatens to lift a hand on you - and that is regardless of "what about the children" nonsense.You are the Lakshmi of the house: any - aah - "Man" - who does not understand that... well, you get the point! 

In India, the wife is supposed to represent "Lakshmi", the Goddess of prosperity. She is known as "Grahlakshmi"... in fact, what happens is the exact reverse, I have heard statements like "biwi ki asli jagah ghar par hai" or "jaayegi kahaan, aanaa toh yehin hai" - in both the intended and the rough meaning, "Beti kaa ghar hai, kaise jaayein" : kyaa bakwaas hai, yaar? Why should parents not stay with their child- even if she is a girl? Did you not give birth to her? And as regards staying with girl child for ever, these are matters to be taken up before marriage: the - aah- "Man" must realise that if he is marrying an only girl child, or a girl child with all sisters, then the chances are that parents will need to be taken care of in old age. It is immaturity on the part of the - aah - "Man" to expect otherwise. Why is it ok for the - aah - "Man's" relations to visit, but not for the wives? Why is it ok for the - aah - "Man" to leave home and do a job, but not the wife? Why is it ok for the - aah- "Man" to be sent 2000 kms away for studies, but not the Girl? Why is it ok for the - aah - "Man" to leave his home and his wife for his job, but not ok when the wife faces the same situation? Cant the - aah- "Man" manage a couple of years alone? Kyaa dikkat hai? Apne aap ko mard kehete ho, aur akele rehene se darte ho? Yaah biwi par bharosaa nahi hai ki woh khud kaa dekhbhaal kar sakti hai?Surprising! She left her home, her identity for you -  and you, the - aah - "Man" - think she cant take care of herself!!!!!!!!!!! Mardaangi upari dikhaawe mein nahi hoti, bhaisahab; asli mardaangi sahi bartaaw mein hoti hai!

How many of us - self included - actually treat our spouse as the "Grahlakshmi"? I have seen incidences that have made me pause and think; true, I have also seen couples where this actually holds true: the wife is regarded in high esteem, her opinion valued etc, but by and large, the Indian society does not treat its ladies as Lakshmi... this is basis the evidence of my own eyes, as well as various news articles on home violence etc that I have read...

Ladies, please start leaving relationships where the - aah,  Man - threatens physical violence...


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