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Lashkar by Mukul Deva - book review » Curious Book Fans:

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Interview with Mukul Deva...

"Mukul Deva: And it will not change the aims of Terror Central. Its a multi-headed hydra and will keep adapting to the changing threat. Also the events outlined by me in BLOWBACK and TANZEEM are already happening. Do note that the LeT is already jostling to take on a leadership role in the jihad and will (with help from its ISI masters) take the smaller groups under its umbrella to enhance its clout and operational capability.

Not far in the future you will see a lot of the remaining events unfold in the manner described in TANZEEM.

Once again, must stress that this is logically the way events would flow UNLESS something really really drastic is done to change things in Pakistan – since that is the epicentre of the global jhad. If things are not taken in hand VERY soon, the Pakistani nukes will fall into the hands of the terror groups.

I don’t think I am crying wolf when I say that the ISI is no different from the LeT or Jaish. These groups are merely the expedient arms of the ISI."

Awesome! Admire your courage, Sir!

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