HC slams Delhi Police for report on gang rape case?????

"The hearing commenced with the court posing a query as to why the report was “evasive” about the details of the police officers who were on patrolling duty during the time when the girl was sexually assaulted and beaten for about 40 minutes in a moving bus on Sunday night."

"“Nobody is safe,” the court had said noting that such incidents repeatedly happen in the city. It had asked the police how the bus, having tinted glasses, kept plying on busy roads for 40 minutes and the sexual assault remained undetected."

"A bench of Chief Justice S H Kapadia and Justices A K Patnaik and Swatanter Kumar went by the limits prescribed in the MV Act and said anything beyond the visual light transmission (VLT) limit of 70% for the front and rear windshields and 50% for the side windows would be punishable.

The decision came on a PIL filed by Avishek Goenka, who had complained that cars with black film on window panes were being increasingly used for crimes, including sexual assault of women"  The Times Of India, Arpil 28, 2012

"Total ban

A three-judge bench of Chief Justice S.H. Kapadia, A.K. Patnaik and Swatanter Kumar gave the ruling while partly allowing a PIL filed by one Avisekh Goenka seeking total ban on all forms of tinted glasses used in four wheelers."

Please go through the Delhi Police website, as well as through the court directive of 27th April 2012 on this matter,  including the specific mention of the possibility of sexual assault in such vehicles

What is our honourable police force and Government doing? This case is an indictment of the laxity of the Government of India as well as New Delhi.... I am not stating that this would not have happened if there were no tinted glasses; but it is certain that the chances of this happening would have been minimal... it is a sad comment on the efficacy of our systems and the depth to which decay has crept in! The Supreme Court has given a specific directive...and it has not been obeyed by the police. Furthermore, even on being asked to submit a detailed report on the officers on duty, the Police did not do so!

The one question that comes to my mind: if the political class and the police do not even heed the Supreme Court's directive, if implementation is so shoddy even when driven from the highest appellate authority in India...

Then what chance do we have? Who is there for us??????? As a citizen, should I not be scared? In fact, I am now thinking that I had perhaps not write such blunt articles out of fear! 


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