When Mountains Shake Hands With The Clouds

These are a set of Snaps Clicked on my Mobile Camera en-route to Baroda for a family function; a scene I found breathtaking and mesmerising, as it seemed as though the clouds had descended to the Earth to shake hands with the mountains, creating a stunning visual imagery with a captivating beauty and awe-inspiring visual delight.

Regretfully, I was in an AC compartment, meaning the full impact of the beauty of Mother Nature was muted in these images... but what is there is, I believe, sufficiently captivating... these have been clicked on a Panasonic Eluga Switch mobile phone in auto mode…


  1. Rekinds me of those days of Black and white photography. As a matter of fact the first pic has colour and effect of B and W making this something interestingly different. You did enjoy this NATURE and so do we, tks for your action of snaping it and then posting it in here.


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