Book Review : The Karachi Deception


The Karachi Deception is based on a seemingly simple plot to "take  care" of India's most wanted man, a certain runaway gangster and terrorist going by the name of Irshad Dilawar. Dilawar is being serenaded with some glee by our next door neighbour and enemy Pakistan, which makes the "take care" bit a more than slightly demanding operation. An Army General and an intelligence honcho come together to craft the aptly-named Project Abhimanyu; not only that, they manage to convince a vacillating Government that this needs to be done, and it can be done. The Instructions are crystal clear : "Dont Do It. Permission Denied. What I dont Know Wont Hurt Me." Well, The General and The Honcho sadly {or happily, depending upon your POV} catch onto the last sentence, and consider it excellent actionable advice... and thus starts the saga of the Karachi Deception...

3 commandos are selected to carry out the mission, under the command of a Colonel. Highly trained and decorated veterans... but wait a minute. What's a newbie doing in this august company? A totally new face who is unknown to everyone, and who seems green and over-eager to boot is not exactly the confidence-inspiring tough-as-nails soldier you need in a mission  that is carried out deep in enemy territory. So what is going on here? And who informs our "friends" the Pakistanis of the incoming commando raid? What is going on? And more to the point, why is it going on  in the first place? 

To top it all, Mr Dilawar has managed to win friends and influence people in his host nation just the way he did in his mother nation. This includes everyone's favourite Uncle - Uncle Sam, also known as Unka Sammy, Mr Bully and USA, who {which????} has again been  treated to a most unfavourable portrayal. Wow, Mr USA does know how to win friends and influence people! These new friends of his are so happy with their guest, they pool in to gift him a Lead Sandwich, if you get my point. Now why on earth would you want to do away with the single greatest insult to India if you are a Pakistani is a question that straightaway occurs to everyone! As I observed above, what is going on? And more to the point, why is it going on  in the first place? 


Major-General Dixit : Best keep him to the war-front; but more than capable elsewhere as well
Colonel Mohan : Tough, period. Extremely capable. 
Major Shamsheer : Team Leader, with a 24th sense
Captain Imtiaz : Pure Gold
Lieutenant Rafiq : Question Mark
Haider Nazir : ISI, Diplomat in that order

Some people  are best left discovered by yourselves... 


This is one of the most, if not the most, slick and superb intelligence capers I have read  in my life; sleek, swift and superbly crafted together. The story is a decently paced narrative that is not too slow, nor too fast - giving ample space for the proper buildup, detailing and background descriptions. These have been skillfully done, and add to the overall mystery and suspense. The charactarisation is adequate for the story, and is a vital aspect of the plot. The entire book is a masterpiece,  and I rate it 5 stars. One of the best fiction books I have read, to be precise. 

There is a total absence of obscenity and vulagarity in the book, unlike some other authors - both Indian as well as Western. There are no diversions of any kind, not even the female kind. This makes for a taut narrative, and a tightly knitted story with a powerful punch. The focused approach is a thing of sheer beauty, making for a thoroughly  enjoyable read, and a book that can be re-read any number of times. This is a book  that belongs in your collection....


  1. Thank you, Vishal. For investing your time in my book and reviewing it. I'm glad you found it to your liking :-)

    1. Thanks, Mr Nath... Looking forward to your next book! It was fun connecting with your characters. Enjoyed your focussed approach immensely!

      Vishal V Kale


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