Honour for ISI Founder : In India! Beat that!

CBI honour for Pak ISI’s founder-member - Hindustan Times

The CBI - an Indian body  -will bestow an honour on its ex-director. Lovely, and thoughtful. Except that the same gentleman was also the founder member of the ISI after independence. Great, isnt it?

Secondly, the CBI is honouring the british-era ex-director; 66 years after independence. Why, may I ask? Where was the need to do so? Or is it that the colonial hangover still exists? Or is there some deeper reason? Ok, you want to honour your ex-directors; you can decide to honour all directors since independence. Where is the need to honour British era officials?

And where is the guarantee that the British era officials did not target and hunt freedom fighters? The article glibly states that the CBI was set up to investigate wartime crimes in the War and Supply Department. But can anyone guarantee that it was not used to hunt freedom fighters? It was an official police set-up, after all. It is only a small step from here to honouring other British Era officials who might have wholeheartedly participated in quelling the freedom fighters! You might as well honour Britishers who exploited Indians before 1947!

We - in the 66th year of our independence, have still not gotten over our colonial hangover it seems; Lutyens' Delhi, renaming of connaught place after the person who gave evidence against Bhagat Singh etc etc... have we run out of names of pure Indians to honour? People who gave their all so that we may see the light of freedom? Or even those who laid their lives in the fight against crime? Why not do something for them, in place of such frankly insensitive steps that incite ill-feelings?

Even a cursory perusal will give tons of people who deserve an honour. But no, for some reason, the powers that be have decided that they must honour the man who set up the ISI. Why? Because he was the director in the British Era. Even supposing he made a wonderful contribution, this has been more than nullified by setting up the ISI - which is responsible for the majority of the bloodshed in India. This guy you are honouring decided to leave India for Pakistan - unlike the millions of Muslims who stayed back, and contributed to national development. And the CBI is honouring such a person who spurned India!



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