We Chat App: Power-packed beauty

The wesbsite says "Wechat: The New Way To Connect - Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone; Chat any way you want, Voice Video and Text for free! Connect with friends across platforms". Cant describe it better myself. WeChat is the latest in the line of mobile internet messengers; but it comes with a whole list of differentiators that mark it out as different. In the modern hypercompetitive market, it is critical that any product have significant differentiating features, which WeChat is simply loaded with.

First off, it is available for :
  • Android
  • Symbian
  • iOS
  • Windows
The download is fast, and the launch is pretty straightforward and easy. You have the option of synchronising with Facebook as well as with your mobile phone contacts. The chat experience is fast, and trouble free. However, I use a 3G connection, so don't know how well it works on a 2.5G or a 2G network.

The part I liked best is its simple interface. You dont require any held of any kind whatsoever in either the installation, or the operation. The menu has been superbly designed and is easy to understand. As I said, connect with Facebook to include your facebook friends; connect with your mobile number to include your friends and connections through their mobiles. 

The big question that should come to mind is why should you use this app? The biggest, most important add-on liked is the in-built voice chatting facility. Especially the Hold-To-Talk (almost like a walky-talkie) - just press the Hold-To-Talk Key (Present on the screen) :


record your message,,, and release the button to send! A simply, brilliant functionality that places it in a different league entirely. To me, this is the most important function offered by this application. 

Then you also have the full range of other functions, like group chat, adding contacts by a custom QR code, Looking around - wherein you can find wechat-enabled users located  located near where are, as the app uses location determining servies. One nice touch is that this is not by default; you have to physically turn the location services on. Then you also have the feature "Moments" wherein you can upload a picture from your phone and share it with your chat group, or special person. You can also send a broadcast message, a message to several people at once. 

I have deliberately not included technical or firm/company details. The objective is to give the reader a user's perspective. The main problem with this app is the lack of an ecosystem; not one of  my facebook friends or mobile contacts is on this platform. This is a major challange that will have to be overcome - and let us hope that the company's initiatives in the blogosphere as well as other measures will build momentum in the downloads of the application.

The three most powerful features to my mind are:
  • Hold-To-Talk voice messaging
  • Moments
  • Simplicity of speed
This is the perspective of an avid google talker!

All in all, a great new application that now requires the strength of numbers....

This review is a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda.com. For free download of WeChat App and more details visit http://www.wechatapp.com.

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