MP govt assures action against cops who let stabbed youth die at Indore police station : North, News - India Today

Our police - and our apathy - just gets better and better. One man - who tried to protect his sister - was stabbed; the police first wrote the report and then took him to the hospital! The poor man died... who is responsible? The shocking insensitivity of the police forces defies belief! Are these policemen human beings or not? Was their paper-work more important than a man's life? And listen to their lame excuses in this video:

The ambulance took time to come! Just who do these stupid inhuman policemen think they are making a fool of? Havent you heard of private cars? Taxis? Autos? And where are all those lovely police vehicles which are used for all sorts of senseless purposes?

Why have a police force if both the goons and the police kill you? Death stalks the normal citizen on both sides! Then why have this eye-wash of a police force? The government needs to ensure that the policemen on duty are arrested and tried for criminal negligence amounting to murder! I doubt - sincerely doubt - that any action will be taken by either the police or the so-called government. Even here, it might just require a PIL in the Supreme Court for anyone to take action. Read the SPs statement: "We are investigating on the police officials in the area who did not act. We will initiate action against them". They intend to "investigate". Brilliant! Dont they know who was on duty? Dont they know that a person died? How long does it take to investigate? And we all know what happens when a policeman or a politician promises to investigate!

What I cannot understand is why didnt the people there take immediate action and take the poor man to a police station? So the police weren't cooperating; fine - but your relatives or friends' life is at risk - and yet you keep quiet and let him die? This whole episode makes me want to puke over the pusillanimous behaviour on display. There has to be a limit to tolerance! The relatives (or friend) would not have been doing anything criminal... then why? Why? And why has this shockingly brutal and inhuman behaviour been conspicuous by its absence from all mainstream media? Wither freedom of the press??????

And still the government does not implement police reforms... we need the Supreme Court to step in to ensure that we have a decent and functioning humane system in place! I just hope that for once, the SP and the GoMP is not covering up...


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