NCTC Meet: A Sad Day For Our Beloved India...

1. Chidambaram's speech:
2. Manmohan Singh:

Why are we thinking of states and a federal setup? Cant any of the geniuses in politics see that terrorism is an external threat? And what is the next step? Localisation of the Army: A seperate Army in UP, Bihar etc etc?

What is most ludicrous that every single non-congress state is shouting without suggesting any credible alternative. Not one person in that list has added anything worthwhile to combat this problem... while the common man continues to suffer. Little wonder then that an increasing number of people are shunning politicians! Shouting is easy, folks... how about some concrete suggestions instead? At least the center has done some brainwork,. while the states are squealing without giving a solution. Fine - NCTC is bad. Then give a solution instead of screaming! This is leading me- and others like me, no doubt- to suspect that this is nothing but mere political posturing.

First of all, let us get one thing straight: The constitution refers to India as a Union of States, NOT a Federation. There is a considerable difference between the two.
Dont Believe Me? Read it in the constitution:

From the states list: "Public order (but not including the use of any naval, military or air force or any other armed force of the Union or of any other force subject to the control of the Union or of any contingent or unit thereof in aid of the civil power)"

First. the Army has been quite regularly called into action against terrorism. Second, we are not a federation. Third, common sense tells us that terrorism has to be a central issue. So why this ruckus?

History tells us that whenever the center is weak.....

Pains me to say this, but there it is!


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