| Video | Man run over twice by trains - India Today

Graphic Footage - viewer discretion recommended! Disturbing video!

Insaaniyat Kahaan Hai? 

aapas mein gham baantein jo ham phir na rahein aise sitam
kahane ko hum insaan hain ... vo insaaniyat kahaan hai
jaago sone vaalon suno meri kahaani

A man gets run over by a train - these things happen, unfortunately. What doesn't happen is people gather around him - but no one helps him. A second train comes by and runs him over...  Police has been informed - turns up late. Ditto Ambulance. But no one helps this poor guy - and he dies... stomach turning!

And get this: the media is crying out loud - why did no one help him? Will someone tell me why the person shooting the video did not help this unfortunate soul???? What was the videographer doing????  Who took the pictures? And people are blaming the ambulance and the police... what were we, the people doing? A shocking all round display of a total lack of humanity! Where are we heading? Insaaniyat kahaan hai????? To all of you reading this: take a minute from your respective busy lives and think for a second... where are we heading? Insaaniyat kahaan hai????


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